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In this post i'm gonna giving you information about site which gives you ads to display on your site if you are continuously disapproved by Google Adsense.

I apply many time for Google AdSense but disapproved every time.Suddenly i come come across some site which are alternatives to Google AdSense.

The first one is VigLink. This site provide you in text link for your contents.it will detect some specific product name and will put link to that site.when user click on that link your link count will increase. Click here to register with VigLink

The second is clicksor .This site provides text link with graphic link also. it will also show pop-up on your site and you will get money for every click and referral.Payment will be done using paypal or check. Click Here to register with clicksor

The next is CBPROADS it will provide you a direct link of ads with various types of ads(e.g ontextual ads,widget ads for mobile ,block image ads etc.).Click here to register with CBPROADS

The next is adpruddence it will provide you a direct CODE of ads with various types and size of ad blocks.Click here to register with adprudence

The next is infolinks.This site is good if your site have enough textual content on it.it will provide in text link for your page.

The next is eDomz.you just need to register your site here.they will verify your site and reply you.need minimum 25$ to withdraw money.Click Here to register for eDomz

Some more are also avalable:

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