How to get free CU.CC Domain URL for 2 years.

You might be tired of your free hosting Domain URL.In this post I am gonna show you how to get free (E.g. for your site.Yester day i came across the site which provide free domain name(s) for 2 years for free.So I tried to register my blog there and it's very easy.Here is the step to get free domain name


First of all check availability of Domain Name(Enter name of domain in text box below):


Click here to Check for availability.


If you find it available, Select "register 1 year "or "register 2 year" and Click on "Ckeckout".See Below:


Sign up for new account.And then Sign in to your account.Now you have to redirect this URL to your free hosting site URL(E.g. this Click on "My Domains".You will see your domain URL there(E.g.


Click on Pencil tools immeadiately after URL.


Click on "URL Forwarding".Now fill details.Then Click on "Setup URL forwarding".


Now you just type your new URL into Address Bar of your browser. You will see your website there. That's it!

You can see this blog at:

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