How to Include Your Website in Google Search Result ?

It happens that when you create a new Website It will not appear on the Google even if you write complete URL of your Website.In this post I'm gonna show you how to bring your Website on Google search result using Google Webmaster Tool.And This is the step towards SEO(Search Engine Optimization) of your Website.

How to Use Google Webmaster Tool ?


Goto: and Sign Up for Google Webmaster tool. Then login into Webmaster Tool.


Click on "ADD A SITE" , and Enter URL of your Website. And Click on "Continue".


Now you have to verify ownership of your Website.

  • If you have hosted your web site on Webspace, Then

    1. Download given HTML file.
    2. And upload it to directory in which the index.html file is.

    3. Click on "VERIFY". And it will be verified.

  • Now if your Website is Blog on the Blogspot or WordPress, Then

    1. Click on "Alternate Methods" tab. There will be three option available.
    2. Select HTML tag and copy the give HTML Code (META tag).
    3. Goto your blogger account > templets > Edit HTML.
    4. Paste the code into HEAD tag.
    5. Click on "VERIFY". And it will be verified.

By Clicking on "VERIFY" you will be redirected to dashboard of your site which will show detailed information about your site. It will look something like this:(Click on Image to see it.)

NOTE: You can add more than one Website to Webmaster Tool.

Your site will be on Google page in one days.You can check this by searching with related term of your site. Obviously it will not be on the first page of Google (it might be, if it has unique and quality content).

You can do more rather than just adding Website to Webmaster Tools.For detailed use of webmaster tools visit next part of this post here: How to increase Your Site Rank in Google Using Webmaster Tool

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