How to Use Webmaster Tool to increase website's Pagerank

In my last post, I have already discussed How to Include Your Website in Google Search Result Using Webmaster Tool.

Now to Increase your Website rank in Google search there are many option available in Google webmaster Tool.We will continue from the last post. Go to your Webmaster Dashboard.

  • Click on "Health" option on left panel of the window.
    • Click on "Fetch As Google" .
    • Then enter URL of the Specific page.
    • You can select from Four option available. Then Click on fetch.
    • In the list Below Click on "Submit to index".
    By doing this Google will fetch your page as Google bot and will index your page.
  • Next, Click on "Index Status".
    • This will show you total Index Page of your site. By clicking on Advanced Tab you can see detailed Graph of your indexed page

  • Click on "Traffic" option. Here you will see three option.
    • "Search Queries" option will show keyword that Indexed your Website OR page on Google Search Result.
    • "Links to Your Site" option will show you Backlinks to your site.
    • "Internal links" will show you Link to your site from(various pages of)your site.
  • Next,Click on Optimization > Sitemaps.
    • Enter URL os Sitemap and Click on "ADD/TEST SITEMAP".
    • If your website is Blog on Then Default sitemap is:/rss.xml( OR /atom.xml(

    • Otherwise you can Generate Sitemap for your Website. It is very easy to Generate Sitemap. There are many other websites available which will Generate Sitemap for you. The One I Used is

    • After Generating Sitemap Upload it to The Directory in which your Index file is. And provide the URL.
    • Then refresh the page. You will see Number of Pages Index from your site.
There are many other option available Which you can explore by your self.

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