How to install rst2pdf tool on Windows 7?

rst2pdf is a tool for transforming reStructuredText to PDF using ReportLab. To install rst2pdf on windows you also need python because rst2pdf is coded in python.

If you are working on Linux, Python is already installed on your machine. To know how to install python on windows visit my post on How to install python on windows?

How to install rst2pdf on Windows?

Now download rst2pdf source from

  • step-1:Unzip the source and copy this folder into C:\ location.
  • step-2:Goto rst2pdf source directory which contains file.
  • step-3:Run python install command and it will be installed.

To convert any .rst file to PDF file Run rst2pdf myfile.rst command and you are done.

To learn how to write reStructuredText (.rst) file visit my post How to use rst2pdf tool to Create PDf file on windows or Linux.

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