How to install Python on Windows 7?

If you have Linux installed on your machine, python is already installed on your machine. To install Python on Windows Platform follow the steps given below:

How to install python on Windows?

  • step-1: Download python for windows from MSI installer).
  • step-2: Run installer and it will install python into c:\python27(number 27 may vary according to version installed).
  • step-3: Now we have to add environment variable for python. For this Goto: Control Panel > User Accounts > Change my environment variable( you can also Goto: Computer > System Property > Advance system setting > environment variables).
  • step-4: Then create New(or edit existing) variable named "path" and give value c:\python27. You also need to add C:\python27\Scripts to your path value (you can provide more than one value separated by semi-colon ).
  • step-5: Now type python in command line window and you will go into python prompt(it will be like ">>>").

If you do all the step correctly then python is installed successfully on your Computer.

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