WebM :An open media file format designed for the web

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WebM is a Free, Evolving, Open video Format for use with HTML5 video, compressed with VP8 video codec and Vorbis audio codec.The WebM file structure is based on the Matroska media container.Matroska is usually found as .MKV files (matroska video), .MKA files (matroska audio) and .MKS files (subtitles).


VP8 is an open video compression format created by On2 Technologies,on September 13,2008. See more

Vorbis audio codec:

it is a free open source project done by the Xiph.Org Foundation. See more

New in WebM:

  • High quality(HQ)video
  • Amazing video playback performance(on slower computers also)
  • 100% free and open to everyone

From last two or three days YouTube has started providing their file in WebM format as a part of HTML5.
  1. To play WebM file on YouTube Goto:www.youtube.com/html5 and click on "Join the HTML5 trial"

  2. Enter "&webm=1" at the end of URL.

  3. Download WebM supported browser on your computer.WebM supported bowsers are:

  • Mozilla Firefox 4.x and above
  • IE9 and above
  • Google chrome 6 and above
  • Opera 10.6x and above

To play WebM file you only need WebM, supported browser or media player.

VLC,Winamp AND Windows media player 12 are supported media player for WebM.

TO convert any video into WebM format download WebM tools from here

WebM is an open source project.you can develope your own code and publish it.You can also participate in this projrct at: Developer

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